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Coliere: Reflections by Jena Baxter

We’re thrilled to be talking to Colovere, from Jena Baxter’s, Reflections. It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Pimp That Character!

Thank you for your interview, Colovere. Can you tell us your story?

I’m a unicorn and King. My brother Petaire, is watching over my kingdom now. My mate was missing, and the Witch, Zylphia, promised to take me to her. When I entered the portal to the fantasy world, I knew I’d been deceived, but Zylphia threatened to kill Ophelia if I didn’t stay. My most loyal subjects have stayed with me, and we spend a good deal of time frolicking in the meadow.

Sometimes Juliette and I harvest apples together. She climbs on my back to reach what I can’t. She’s a clumsy girl though, and blames me when she falls. I eventually come to the conclusion, my mate is dead, but stay for fear of what might happen if I leave.

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?

I have a black horn with a golden spiral because I’m royalty, and my mane and tail are black.

What would I love the most about you?

I’m always there to keep things in perspective.

Where do you go when you are angry?

I have a clearing in the middle of the forest. I rarely take anyone there.

What is your most treasured possession?

My mate’s horn.

What is your greatest fear?

The earth shakes when the mirror is moved. My entire herd trembles.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

She did on most days, but I think I fought far more valiantly toward the end. I complained of course, but Jena wouldn’t change it.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Good friends, races in the meadow, and tasty apples.

Who is your best friend?

Juliette of course; she and I are much the same. She has no mate and right now I’m alone too. I have my herd but it isn’t the same thing, and what unicorn can resist a pure girl?

What is your favorite weather?

Sings – Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy. Sunshine, in my eyes can make me cry.


About The Author:

Born in Ojai, and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California, Jena always loved to read, and dreamed of writing a novel. Having the ability, but lacking the confidence to do so, she enrolled in the UCLA Writer's Extension, and soon her first novel was in process.

Jena writes YA, historical fantasy, and paranormal romance. She is also a screenwriter, and reads for a screenwriting contest annually. She spends her free time with her husband, amazon parrot, and toy maltese. You can visit her website at

Connect with Jena:

Author Website


About The Book:

Title: Reflections
Author: Jena Baxter
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing / Jenabaxterbooks
Publication Date: October 31, 2013
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0991167715
Genre: YA / Historical Fantasy

When Juliette has a domestic servant beaten for pursuing a young man above her station, she finds herself cursed by a witch to live in a world behind her own mirror. She is unable to leave except on the first night of a full moon.

Juliette is forced to seek what food and shelter the new world provides with the help of a unicorn, a man who is half bear, and a centaur. Together they struggle to survive against lions, wolves, and the challenges of watching their friends live and die through the back of the mirror, as their own world, family and friends moves on without them.

Reflections begins in Regency era London, and ends in Clover Springs, California, an all but abandoned Gold Rush town.

A tale of love, friendship, and facing unavoidable challenges.

Dr. Robert James Austin from William R. Leibowitz's cross genre thriller MIRACLE MAN

We’re thrilled to be talking to Dr. Robert James Austin from William R. Leibowitz's new cross genre thriller, MIRACLE MAN.  It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Pimp That Character!

 Q: Thank you for your interview, Dr. Austin.  Can you tell us your story?

A:  No one (including me) knows why I have the extraordinary intelligence that I have.  My IQ is so high that it can’t be accurately measured.  Tests indicate that my intelligence is 10X that of Albert Einstein.  Many tragic things have happened to me, starting immediately after my birth. Maybe that’s why I decided to devote my life—and my special gifts—to one thing, finding cures for diseases.  I did this when I realized that the big pharmaceutical companies have no interest in curing diseases –they just want to sell expensive pills to treat symptoms.  While you might think that I’d be a really popular guy given what I’ve accomplished, the sad fact is that my life’s work has created many enemies who actively seek to destroy me –and those enemies aren’t just people;  there are much more powerful forces in the universe than people.

Q:  Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features?

A:  My most distinguishable features are my intelligence and my laser-like focus.  Physically, my most distinguishable feature (I’ve been told) are my eyes ----they’re a very clear piercing translucent blue;  they seem to make some people nervous.

Q:  What would I love the most about you?

A:   I think you’d respect the fact that I’m working so hard to do good things for humankind and I’m not interested in being a celebrity or getting anything for myself.  I just want to make a big difference by helping people.

Q:  What would I hate the most about you?

A:   Probably my “one-track mind.” 

Q:  What is in your refrigerator right now?

A:   A bottle of Bombay Gin, some previously frozen chili, cheddar cheese, and a big box of pretzels (I came them in the refrigerator so they don’t get stale).

Q:  What is your greatest fear?

A:  I know that there are very powerful forces that are out to kill me or drive me insane.  I’m afraid that they’ll get me before I can finish my work.

Q: Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

A:  Definitely not.  William R. Leibowitz meant well when he wrote Miracle Man and perhaps he did his best.  But his limited abilities got in the way.  No matter how much time he spent with me, he never really understood me.

Q:  Are you a loner or do you prefer to surround yourself with friends?

A:  Unfortunately, I have almost no friends.  Growing up, I was always the youngest kid in any class—I was taking college and graduate courses when I was 7 years old.  Everyone always treated me like I was a circus curiosity.  People seem intimidated by me, which really bothers me because I don’t judge anyone.  But the biggest problem is that I’ve always been spending my entire time working—so I haven’t left time to establish many friendships.  

Q:  Who is your best friend?

A:  My personal assistant—Susan Corwin.  She’s really more than a friend –she’s  my surrogate mother.

Q:  If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

A:  The same thing I do every single day. I’d push myself to the breaking point to try to cure another disease before I died. The fact is that I live every day like it’s my last—I’ve been doing that since I was 20 years old.
About the Author:

William R. Leibowitz has been practicing entertainment/media law in New York City for a number of years.  He has represented numerous renowned recording artists, songwriters, producers and many of the leading record companies, talent managers, merchandisers and other notable entertainment businesses.  At one point, he was the Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel for the Sanctuary Group of Companies, a U.K. public company that was the largest ‘indie’ music company in the world (prior to its acquisition by the Universal Music Group). 

William has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and a law degree from Columbia University.  He lives in the village of Quogue, New York with his wife, Alexandria, and dog, George. 

William wrote Miracle Man because of its humanistic and spiritual messages and because he feels that in our current times – when meritless celebrity has eclipsed accomplishment and the only heroes are those based on comic books, the world needs a real hero –and that, of course, is Robert James Austin, the protagonist in Miracle Man.  Miracle Man won Best Thriller in the National Pacific Book Awards.

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About the Book:


The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero. 

Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real. 

So begins the saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history.  But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from?

As agents of corporate greed vie with rabid anti-Western radicals to destroy him, an obsessive government leader launches a bizarre covert mission to exploit his intellect.  Yet Austin’s greatest fear is not of this world.

Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal.  But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Felipe from Mike Hartner's 'I James' #historicalfiction #romance

We’re thrilled to be talking to Felipe from Mike Hartner’s, I, James.  It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Pimp That Character!

Thank you for your interview, Felipe.  Can you tell us your story?   

I am a lonely goatherder from the middle of Spain…. Hehehee… sorry, just wanted to laugh.   No, I’m a saylor.  I’ve spent most of my life working on boats for the Iberian Empire, and my home port has been Madras.

Can you tell us about one of your most distinguishable features? 

Well, there’s my brawn, and my size, and my good looks…

What would I love the most about you?   

Everything.  And how could you not.  I’m Spanish.

What would I hate the most about you? 

Hate.  You can’t hate me.  I’m a lover not a hater.

Where do you go when you are angry? 

When I get angry, it’s usually because someone else is hurting my crew.  I grab my sword and fight.

What makes you laugh out loud?  

 Small children, bad jokes, and people having fun.

What is in your refrigerator right now?   

What is this thing… refrigerator?  ( hears whispers telling him to keep food cold)… Nothing.  I don’t eat cold food.  Just salted meats and fresh hot food.

What is your most treasured possession?  

The title of Godfather that my best friend gave me to her daughter Mary.

What is your greatest fear? 

That I won’t be there to defend my god-daughter or my friend.

What is the trait you most not like about yourself?   

My ability to love quickly, and leave just as quickly.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?   

What I saw and what he said was accurate.

What is your idea of a perfect day? 

Sun, very little wind, and pleasant seas on our Barque in the Med.

What are three must haves when shopping at the grocery store? 

Dried meat, oranges and dates.

I’m opening up your cabinet.  What foods do I see? 

None.  The only place I have food is on the boat or in a tavern.

If you could change one physical thing about yourself, what would that be?   

Nothing at all. I’m perfect. (swipes hair with hand)

Who is your best friend?   

My best friend is Mary, and the second is her husband James.

Do you have children? 

No, but I’m working on it.

What is your favorite weather?   


What’s your idea of a perfect meal?   

The only one I had was from Mary.  She makes fish with citrus and it tastes good. 

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?   

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to sayl.

Do you like to cook?  If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?   

I like to eat.  But I can’t cook.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?   

Everything I can to make Mary happy.

About the Author

Mike Hartner was born in Miami in 1965. He's traveled much of the continental United States. He has several years post secondary education, and experience teaching and tutoring young adults. Hartner has owned and run a computer firm for more than twenty-five years. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife and child. They share the neighborhood and their son with his maternal grandparents.

Mike won first place blue ribbon for the 2013 Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction and first place blue ribbon for the 2013 Dante Rosetti Award in the YA category for I, Walter.

His latest book is the historical fiction/romance, I, James.

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About the Book:

James Crofter was ripped from his family at age 11.
Within a year the prince was a pauper in a foreign land.
Is nature stronger than nurture? And even if it is, can James find the happiness he so richly desires?  

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  • I, James is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.